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Lalita's Crystal

Glass snake wand

Glass snake wand

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Made of high heat resistance, Pyrex glass wands were made for the cervix called Portio in the back of the vagina, the development of G-spots, and massage.

You can use both the wavy one and the ball-shaped one according to your mood.

Slowly take the tip to the innermost cervix or G-spot of the vagina, gently shake the place where it hits with the wand, give a gentle stimulus, or just hit the wand and stay still. Meditating and breathing deeply for a few minutes can be a therapy.
The orgasm of the cervix (portio) is said to be the door to awakening to a new sex.

Would you like to open the door to a new sense of pleasure and a sense of connection with your own depths and cultivate further femininity?

Size 24cm (length) x 2cm x 3cm
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