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Lalita's Crystal

Yoni embroidery art Frida

Yoni embroidery art Frida

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Yoni, the holy place for women.

I designed it as I wanted, picked up the color of the embroidery thread, and sewed it with a tingling sensation while thinking about the women's Yoni. I sewed in a meditative state with my squeaky feelings for Yoni and exciting energy for colors.

This Yoni chose a vivid embroidery thread with the Mexican color in mind, and finished the embroidery art so that it would make you feel happy when you look at it.

And I sewed it in my heart to Frida, a Mexican female artist who was epoch-making and revolutionary at that time.

This is me! I would like people who feel that or want to aim for this place to decorate it next to the bed or make-up tools.

It's cute to decorate your room, and it's nice to hang the hoop on the wall or leave it with Yoni's altar or crystal. If you have a Yoni Wand or Yoni Egg, you can decorate it together as an alter and it is also effective for powering up your energy!

* Hand embroidery is very delicate.
Please be careful when decorating or hanging on the wall.
Please refrain from washing or soaking in water.
Please handle it gently so as not to pull or drop the embroidered part.
* The character beads are attached with adhesive, so be careful not to touch them unnecessarily.

Size 10 cm x 10 cm

Material: Bamboo material Hoop, cotton, cotton embroidery thread, beads

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