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Lalita's Crystal

Amethyst Crystal Yoni Wand

Amethyst Crystal Yoni Wand

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Amethyst wand with a very beautiful purple gradation.

Since the thickness of both tips is different, it is fun to use it properly according to Yoni's voice at that time and your mood.

Since it is a straight type wand, it is a wand that makes you feel tremendously comfortable just by its volume rather than massaging the inside of Yoni finely.

Feeling the mysterious power of amethyst, it fills the whole yoni, so it is ideal for self-pleasure of meditation that stays still.

Please enjoy the time of self-pleasure like a reward for yourself, such as Yoni talking to you, regaining old memories, trying to reach orgasm as it is!

Amethyst is the third chakra, a stone that activates the third eye. It connects you with your higher self and enhances your intuition and insight. Effective for creativity and self-actualization. The effect on the body is a power crystal that helps relieve insomnia and calms stress and anxiety.

Size 17.5cm (length) x 4cm x 2.5cm
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